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The Dog Days of Summer Are Here!

Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer are here! You might be trying to fit in some last-minute parties before the school year starts back up again, so here are a few quick tips when planning balloon decor for your summer get-togethers!

1. If you can avoid it, keep your balloons indoors. If you cannot avoid it, try to keep those latex balloons out of direct sun and plan for them to look a little velvety once they hit the outdoors. Pool decoration is a great option.

Pool Decor

2. Choose light colors, as in the photo above. They have a much greater chance of surviving! Dark colors like black, blue and red, attract more of the sun's heat.

3. Use foils. They are much more likely to last and keep their shine.

Foil Pool Sculpture

4. Book early! August is the start of our busy season and we don't want you to miss out on having the best balloon decor at your event. We recommend booking as soon as you know when and where your event is going to be. You can contact us here: Platinum Balloon Decor

Whatever your plans, we hope you have a lovely rest of the summer!


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