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Party Mom Monday - Tip #3

You are planning ahead, you have picked your theme and now it is time to determine what time of day will be best for your event. This is something that seems unimportant and easy on the surface, but it can affect everything else that goes into your party later on.

If you are planning a small child's party, the biggest thing to consider is nap time for the young attendees and even the guest of honor. If your little one goes down at 2pm, it is obvious that you will not be planning a party to start at 2pm. Are you concerned about sugar crazies and the inevitable crash? Maybe it would be best to plan something for lunch time, so they can also have some food in their stomach and then sleep off the after effects.

Baby Party

An adult party will depend upon your theme and the mood you plan to set. Is this a fancy affair that will include dinner and drinks? Make sure dinner isn't starting too late in the evening, leaving your guests starving by the time you serve the first course. Also consider the use of alcohol. Will there be time enough for any effects to wear off before people drive home?

Is it a lighter theme such as a baby shower? You pretty much have free reign on this one. Any time of day would be appropriate.

Fancy Party with Alcohol

Whatever time you choose, take your guests' point of view into account and try to put yourselves in their shoes. If you were them, what time would you like to be arriving for this party? What time would you like to be leaving? A good host puts their guests first.

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