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Party Mom Monday - #1

Welcome to #PartyMomMonday. My goal here is to share tips and tricks about throwing your own parties and having them be fabulous. From simple to all out, you can do this.

Party Mom Monday Tip #1

The first step in planning a good party is to start doing just that. Planning. In advance! Not the week of, my friend. You will be a stressed out mess and nobody wants that. Especially your kid.

I start planning my daughter's parties about 4 months in advance. And that's only because they are usually pretty simple. If you have a lot of moving pieces that you need to put together and you know that this shin-dig is going to be pretty epic, you would want to start planning 6 months out, at least. We all know how fast time moves and you don't want to be caught 2 weeks away from your baby's party without even knowing where you are going to have it.

Or maybe you do want to be caught that way. Maybe that's how you work. But if so, keep scrolling! These tips are not for you! Heretic!

Simply start sketching an outline in your mind about how you want this party to go. Is it going to be big, or small? Catered or no food at all? What time of year is it? What time of day? All of these questions will help you decide WHERE your event needs to be.

How far in advance do you normally start thinking about an event?

Til Next Week!


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