• Jansie Martin-Owner, Platinum Balloon Decor

What Is Balloon Decor?

When most folks think of balloon decor, they usually have a standard balloon bouquet in mind:

3 Balloon Bouquet

Something to brighten the room and maybe even throw in a number balloon or two if it's a birthday.

7 Balloon Floor Bouquet

But, Balloon Decor can be so much more! And that is where the professionals come in. Balloon Decor can range from the tried and true 'Garland' arch and columns, to the very trendy 'Organic' look. And everything in between. The only thing limiting your decor is your (and your balloon artist's) imagination.

Classic Garland Decor:

Organic Decor (click for full size image)

Here are some creative options that some of my clients have requested. We have so much fun. :)

I hope that whatever your event, balloons are now on your radar for fabulous and fun decoration.

Your Friend Who Does Balloons,